Building Rental

  1. Functions of the church, pre-school, and church-sponsored organizations receive first priority to use the facilities of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.
  2. All dates for members or non-members to use any portion of the facility must be scheduled through the church office and recorded on the master calendar. Events must not conflict with regularly-scheduled activities of the church, pre-school, or sponsored organizations.
  3. The Sanctuary may only be used by members of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, its pastors, and congregations with whom we are in altar and pulpit fellowship. Other spaces in the church building may be reserved for events by members of St. Peter’s, and by non-members, regardless of church affiliation.
  4. Reservations for the building to be used in a for-profit activity will pay an additional fee as noted below. Fees negotiated prior to the approval of this agreement will remain as previously-negotiated.
  5. Use of the facility may not include any activity that is immoral, illegal, or in conflict with the teachings of St. Peter’s and the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, or be of such a nature as to bring negative publicity to the congregation or synod.
  6. Events held at St. Peter’s by individual members or outside groups shall be drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.
  7. Events must occur within the times reserved and may not extend beyond the agreed upon times.
  8. All furniture must remain within the building and must be returned to the same locations as prior to the event.

Deposits and Fees:
A deposit equal to 50% of the fee is required at the time the building use request form is approved by Facility Committee. The full rental fee needs to be paid to the Church Office seven (7) days in advance of the event.

Event Fees:
Fellowship Hall (member)$50.00
Fellowship Hall (non-member)$200.00
Kitchen (non-member)$100.00
Funeral (non-member)$300.00
Wedding Package (non-member)$750.00
Wedding Package (member)$250.00
Library/classroom/etc. (non-member)$50.00

• With the exception of weddings, members will pay a flat $50 fee for social or non-profit use to cover costs of usage. No building fees are associated with member funerals or use of facilities by church or church-sponsored organizations.

• Wedding package includes use of sanctuary fellowship hall, changing rooms, and other areas necessary to hold and prepare for a wedding.

• Non-members must add $10 per hour of use for a facility coordinator to monitor use of the building during the event.

• When use of the facility is for-profit, add 50% to the above fee schedule.

• In the event of cancellation, a refund will be given for all fees paid, except for a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the full rental fee.

• Fees and Honoraria to the pastor, musicians, and other professional services not specifically mentioned above are not included in this fee schedule, and should be paid directly, as appropriate.