To care for our community


We Gather to Care for our Community and the World

We are committed to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with our local community and the world. As we work together and share our resources , we are better able to love our community and assist people who are in need.



North Kent Connect

Partnership with North Kent Connect, a Christian organization committed to providing access to basic needs and promoting economic independence.

Thrivent Financial Action Teams

Partnership with Thrivent Financial Action Teams to provide resources for service activities within the community

Missionary Support

Provide support to a Missionary family as they share the message of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Seminary Student Support

Provide care and support to seminary students as they prepare to serve in Christian ministry.

St. Peter's Lutheran Preschool

Our preschool provides a loving, faith-filled learning environment that will help your child grow spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.