We Gather for Worship @ 9:30 a.m.

Our Service utilizes a historic format with roots that go back to the second and third centuries, and even to God's people of the Old Testament.  In fact, some elements were used by Jesus Himself in the Synagogue during His earthly life!

Traditional organ, and other instruments, accompany the congregation in the chanted portions of the liturgy and the hymns.  The rich heritage of this service, combined with the deep truths of ancient hymns, is a much-needed anchor in seas of change.

Our choir adds special music to many of our services, and we utilize their talents and those of others, both to introduce new song to the church, and enhance the music we already know well.

Because we believe the reason we gather is to receive our Lord's gifts to us, and not to present how worthy we are before Him, you don't need to feel obligated to dress a certain way.  You will find other attendees dressed in many ways from suits or dresses to business casual, to blue jeans, as fits their own preference.